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Virtual Switcher


Thankfully, with Virtual Switcher, I don't have to do the network setting ballet anymore! Virtual Switcher stores all of the settings for different networks in convenient, easy-to-use profiles. It even remembers your drive mappings to specific network printers and shared directories, and the proxy settings for your internet browser. Plus, you can switch from one Virtual Switcher profile to another in a single click, no reboot required.

For laptop users, Virtual Switcher stores static IP addresses for each of the networks that you access, saving you the headache of manually entering this information into Windows every time you change locations. You can also store your server address and user ID info in your Virtual Switcher profile, saving even more time when you need to log in.

You'll be amazed at Virtual Switcher's ease of use. You can configure the program to run when Windows boots, and you'll be able to assign color codes to your different network profiles. With Virtual Switcher, you'll be able to jump onto the right network, right away!

Main features:

  • Easily store network configuration settings for multiple networks
  • Skip the headache of manually entering network connection information every time you switch locations
  • Automatically connect to the correct network printers, directories, and other resources whenever you need to
  • Switch between network configurations with a single click with no reboot require

Automatized software features:

  • IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • Default gateway
  • DNS server
  • Default printer
  • Connecting/disconnecting network drives
  • Browser's proxy settings
  • Windows firewall
  • PuTTY accounts
  • Execute any program or script after profile change

Who needs Virtual Switcher?

  • Frequently used your laptop in different locations, such as home and the office, and had to manually enter different network settings each time
  • Worked with other programs that required you to reboot in order to make network configuration changes effective

Real users say:

  • "The software is very good and fast for laptop computers etc. which need to manage multiple network connections at home and office. - Mohar Arun"
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